NHSC NACTEP Cohort Program.

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The NACTEP Cohort Program seeks to assist students to graduate in one of our Career & Technical Education training programs. We support student entry into the workforce that supports filling employment needs in high skill, or high demand jobs. We provide on campus support and off campus referrals and technical assistance on an individual and as needed basis.


  • Tuition $900 per semester
  • Books/ Fees $250 per semester
  • Childcare Assistance $250 per month if eligible
  • Mileage Assistance $218 per month if eligible
  • Monthly Stipend $480 if eligible
  • Supply Packs, Advocacy, Technical Assistance, Reminders of Important Dates and Deadlines, Career Preparation Support.

NACTEP Training Categories:

NACTEP applications:

NACTEP New Student Cohort Application

NACTEP Continuing Student application

NACTEP 8 Week Programs:

NACTEP CNA Student Application

NACTEP CDL Student Application


NACTEP Program Handbook [Doc]

NACTEP Program Handbook [PDF]

W-9 form

Orientation for new NACTEP students

Please provide a copy of your tribal ID, and a current class schedule and send it to nactep@nhsc.edu

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Career Exploration Activities


Iman Moore
NACTEP Director
(701) 627-8099
Email: imoore@nhsc.edu

Jimmy Petit
NACTEP Completion Coach
(701) 627-8092
Email: jpetit@nhsc.edu

Levi Schmidt
NACTEP Job Placement & CTE Outreach Coordinator
(701) 627-8088
Email: lschmidst@nhsc.edu

Nicole LaVallie
NACTEP Project Assistant. 
(701) 627-8088
Email: nlavallie@nhsc.edu

Contact us at: nactep@nhsc.edu