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Get a jump-start on your college career, gain specialized training or obtain your Bachelors’ degree with NHS College. We offer three, 4-year bachelors’ degree programs and a multitude of in-demand associates degrees and certificate programs. Our course work comes with the support of engaged instructors, small class sizes and plenty of services to help you achieve your academic goals.

NHS College offers classes via Asynchronous, Hybrid (Synchronous) and In-person learning.  Asynchronous classes are classes that are offered online with no set class date or time that you are required to be online.  Hybrid (Synchronous) classes are classes that are offered in both an online or in-person method with a specific date and time for each class.

Starting in Spring 2022, we offer three Asynchronous classes that are fully online: History of Three Affiliated Tribes, Ethnobotony and Elementary Statistics.  Classes offered Asynchronously will be listed as “Online” within our Academic Class Schedule. Classes offered Hybrid and In-person will be listed with a specific date, time and classroom within our Academic Class Schedule.  In person classes are also found in the same manner as Hybrid courses.  For Spring 2022, NHSC Synchronous learning will be on campus Tuesday and Wednesday’s, and offered via TEAMS on Monday’s and Thursday’s.  This will continue until further notice to help reduce the spread of COVID throughout the pandemic.

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