NHS College Apprenticeship Opportunities.

Thank you for visiting this page. Here you will find the most up to date information about apprenticeship projects and apprenticeship opportunities available at NHS College and within the State of North Dakota.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a great alternative to the standard college education to career pathway. Ultimately, when you make the decision to go to college you are training for your future employment. You complete your degree or degrees and then begin to look for employment.

In the case of apprenticeships, you are employed first and then get skills training and education required for the trade during the apprenticeship program. An apprenticeship typically lasts four to five years with a stepped salary schedule. Unlike a standard college education, all of your training and education is completely funded by the employer so there is no need for college loans. In short, you will get paid to learn in an apprenticeship program.

Starting January 2024, NHS College, in partnership with the North Dakota Building Trades Unions is launching the first ever Apprenticeship Readiness Program for placement into a registered apprenticeship program of the fifteen trade unions.  This is the first partnership between a building trades unions and a tribal college in North America!

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