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The NHSC NACTEP Cohort program is a student retention & completion effort funded by the Department of Education Carl Perkins Act. Carl Perkins promotes the completion of a Career and Technical Education Training programs that lead to employment. The current grant award is from 2018 – 2021 at which point NHSC will need to reapply for the grant funds behind this program.

The NHSC NACTEP Cohort Program supports the Carl Perkins mission by offsetting financial obligations toward the completion of NHSC eligible training programs. Funds from the grant are used to offset the costs of: tuition, books & fees, transportation, and childcare costs. Cohort participants will receive: notifications of important campus deadlines, scholarship reminders, and a supply pack at the beginning of each term. The Director will also technical assistance to access services offered by NHSC.

In order to qualify for NACTEP you must be declared in one of the following NHSC programs: Certified Nursing Assistant, Pre Nursing, Welding Technology, Construction Technology, Entrepreneurship & Marketing, and Business Administration. You must also qualify under one of the criteria listed below. If none apply to you, you will be determined ineligible to participate in the NHSC NACTEP Cohort Program.

One of the following must apply to you in addition to being declared in an eligible NHSC NACTEP Major.

  • I am an individual from an economically disadvantaged family (including Foster Care).
  • I completed the 2019-20 FAFSA and was notified that my EFC #    is between 00000 and 05328.
  • I am an individual preparing for a non-traditional training field of employment. Example: male student in nursing program; female student in construction technology or welding.
  • I am a single parent (or a single pregnant woman).
  • I am an individual with a disability.
  • I am a displaced homemaker who meets one of the two following definitions: (I worked primarily without remuneration to care for a home and family and for that reason, therefore I have diminished marketable skills and I was dependent on the income of another family member but I am no longer supported by that income.
  • I am a parent whose youngest dependent child will become ineligible to receive assistance under Part A of Title IV of the Social Security Act not later than 2 years after the date on which the parent applied for assistance under such title; AND I am unemployed or underemployed and I am experiencing difficulty in obtaining or upgrading employment.
  • I am an individual with other barriers to educational achievement, i.e. Limited English proficiency.

Currently the NHSC NACTEP program is open to students declared in the following majors:

19-20 NACTEP Cohort Application

Please provide a copy of your tribal ID, and a current class schedule.

If you have any questions E-mail Iman Moore at imoore@nhsc.edu or leave a message at the office 701-627-8099.