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Located in New Town, ND, NHS College strives to enhance the quality of life and build a strong and positive identity for the Three Affiliated Tribes. We provide the highest quality of cultural, academic and vocation education to our students, offering encouragement and support along the way to facilitate a successful college career.

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High School Students

STEM/Nuclear Energy Program will be:

  July 6—July 9 2022 in NHSC Classrooms

K-12 Teachers

STEM/Nuclear Energy Training Program will be:

July 12—July 14 2022 in NHSC Classrooms

Application Deadline: Friday, June 24, 2022

Contact Dr. Kerry Hartman for additional information at khartm@nhsc.edu or 701-627-4738


The purpose of the Nuclear Energy Camp/Training is to introduce teachers and students to basics of STEM and nuclear energy concepts.


The teachers will learn new concepts of STEM and nuclear energy.


The students will be given an opportunity to meet together in an informal friendly atmosphere at NHSC and be presented with day-to-day problems involving physics, robotics, chemistry, and nuclear energy.

Teacher and Student Incentive:

Each student and K-12 teachers who attends and participates in these sessions will be eligible to receive a stipend. Teachers receive tuition paid graduate level education credit at Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College. Lunch will be included for all.


All high school students grades 9th—12th are eligible to participate in the STEM/Nuclear Energy Program

K-12 Teachers should be currently employed from the Fort Berthold Reservation to attend the STEM/Nuclear Energy Training Program.

2021-22 Nuclear Energy WorkShop application

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