Dual Credit Program.

Credits earned through the dual credit program are eligible for undergraduate degree credits. All dual credits that are offered are general education courses needed for any degree program at NHSC, as well as most colleges and universities. One dual credit course per semester is recommended.

Students must enroll in general education or “Gen Ed” courses only. Program advisors help verify transferability of credits to other colleges and universities. It is the responsibility of the student to verify with other institutions on the transferability of the course with their higher education institution of choice. Each partnering school has a list of their respective classes that are available for dual credit. If you have any questions on classes that are offered, please reach out to your NHSC Community Liaison or high school counselor.

Dual Credit Eligibility

Students must meet the following criteria for dual credit eligibility:

  • Be a student from a current partner high school
  • Sophomore (special approval), Junior, Senior
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better
  • Written approval from high school administrator (Form)
  • Written approval from Parent/Guardian (Form)
  • Completion of NHSC Online Dual Credit Application

Upon acceptance into the Early College program, Dual Credit Orientation must be successfully completed by student.

What You Need to Get Started with Dual Credit Enrollment?  

Contact the NHSC Community Liaison to begin the approval process. Your NHSC Community Liaison will connect with your high school administration before initial program approval is granted.

Students must have the following items to complete the application process:

  • Social Security Card (physical card)
  • Tribal enrollment number (if applicable)
  • Physical mailing address
  • High school transcript (HS counselor)
  • Parent/legal guardian contact information (phone and email)

After submitting the online application, your NHSC counselor will guide you through the next steps in the process.

Services for Dual Credit Students

  • Technical support assistance
  • Storm Early College Coordinator (SECC) to help and assist with application, registration, and questions along the academic journey.
  • A high school appointed liaison officer. If none are available direct contact to SECC is available.
  • Although the student will have access to collegiate services, they are not able to participate in travel associated with NHSC.


Funding for dual credit courses can be paid through partnering high schools, entities such as the Bank of North Dakota Dual Credit Assistance Program, state supported Dual Credit Assistance Programs, tribal education programs, and/or other student-initiated sources.

Dual credit students are charged the $50 per credit tuition rate and are also responsible for fees and textbooks. If not covered by the partnering high school, the student, along with their parent/guardian, are responsible for covering the payment in full. Any financial assistance the student is receiving will be applied with the final balance which can be accessed through www.nhsc.edu (where should this link for direct payment?).

Students with unpaid bills will be ineligible for registration in the subsequent terms and will be unable to receive official transcripts until bills are released. If the student is set up in a payment plan for any outstanding charges, they may continue in their dual credit courses.

Have more questions? Download the Early College Program Handbook or contact the NHSC Storm Early College Team Coordinator.

Storm Early College Team Coordinator

Randall “RJ” Morin