Certificate of Completion: Welding Technology

The State of North Dakota is in dire need of professional welders. The NHSC welding program provides students with the basic welding skills needed for entry-level welding jobs and apprenticeship programs.

Program Outcomes:

  • Be able to weld in all positions (flat, horizontal, vertical, overhead, pipe) with the six basic welding processes (Oxy-acetylene, Shielded Metal Arc, Gas Metal Arc, Flux Cored Arc self- shielded, Flux Cored Arc gas shielded, Gas Tungsten Arc).
  • Be capable of passing the Washington State Building Officials (WABO) welding tests in the applicable welding processes.
  • Be able to cut metals using thermal cutting processes (Oxy-acetylene, Plasma, Air Carbon Arc).
  • Have their state industrial first aid and CPR cards.
  • Know the basic fundamentals of welding processes and applications, metallurgy, and math and measurement.
  • Be able to read and interpret basic blueprints, welding symbols, and welding codes and specifications.

Program Degree Plan (pdf)
Gainful Employment