Currently, there is no office location dedicated to Career Services. However, Deanna Rainbow is NHSC’s main contact for Career Services. Deanna Rainbow is located in the Administration Wing of the College and can be reached by E-mail at or at 701-627-4838 ext# 8036

NHSC Internships

NHSC is proud to begin offering internships across all areas of study. We are in the early stages of getting our Host sites established and are going to begin our pilot run in Summer 2017. We are always open to new Host sites feel free to refer them to us. Or if you have a site in mind and have already established interest with them we will work with you to get everything set up.

The goal of the internship effort is to promote career ready graduates. Sometimes that gap between graduation and employment isn’t always easy to overcome due to lack of adequate work experience. This is true especially for a recent grad who spent many years as a student and not an employee we want to bridge that gap.

Employers prefer to hire candidates who have had experience in a role similar to the one they are hiring for. These internships will provide our students with valuable and countable experience for the workforce. Interns will also gain insight into whether or not they wish to continue in their current degree program.

If you would like more information about internships, please contact the Internship Coordinator Iman Moore E-mail or 701-627-4738 ext #8099


NHSC Intern Requirements

Students must have:

GPA of 2.5

Completed 24 credit hours

Internship Application


NHSC Internship Opportunities

NHSC Marketing Intern

NHSC White Shield Mentor Site Intern

NHSC Business Office Intern

NHSC Bookstore Intern


NHSC Payroll Documents




2 Forms of identification are needed to set up your intern personnel file.


Orientation Information

NHSC Intern Orientation

Intern Host Site Orientation

External Internship Opportunities

Knife River Internship $400.00/ week,

June 12 – September 1 Biology Technician Intern

External Job Opportunities

National Forests in Mississippi

Transportation marketing

B&G Club

Outreach Notice Wildlife Technician, Notice Date April 21, 2017

Rocky Mountain Research Station

Outreach Notice for Post-doctoral Research Associate in Rapid City, SD, Reply by May 26 2017

NHSC Employment Opportunities