Tutoring and Career Services

NHSC Tutoring and Career Services is located in Room 32

Open 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday

Here you will find study tables and access to: computers, helpful tips on creating resumes, and self help tutoring information. Make sure to get your webmail log in credentials from the IT Department to gain access to all of the computers on campus.

Additional perks to visiting the Tutoring and Career Services Center: free popcorn, free coffee, and water. If you are willing to make a donation of coffee, creamer, popcorn oil, or water please contact Iman at imoore@nhsc.edu or by calling 701-421-7472.

The majority of the Lunch and Learns also take place in this room. All of the lunch and Learns are coordinated by Deanna Rainbow. Lunch and learn topics range from financial literacy to how to apply for scholarships. Spring 2018 Lunch and Learns are posted outside of the Tutoring and Career Services Center. For more information about Lunch and Learns contact Deanna at drainb@nhsc.edu.


Currently we have a math tutor available Monday and Wednesday Evenings from 5pm to 7pm in Room 32. If this time frame does not work please contact the tutor directly to schedule an appointment.

Math Tutor Flyer

If you are interested in tutoring appointments please contact Iman Moore at imoore@nhsc.edu or at 627-8099.

NHSC Internships


NHSC is proud to begin offering internships across all areas of study. We are in the early stages of getting our host sites established NHSC hopes to build relationships a long way into the future and to ultimately build our potential employer base.

If you are an organization that is open to hosting an intern please fill out the host application form or create a job description for the internship opportunity database below.

Students if there is a site you would like to intern with feel free to refer them to the web page to get the needed documents. All correspondence regarding internship can be sent to Iman Moore imoore@nhsc.edu.

The goal of the internship effort is to promote career ready graduates. Sometimes that gap between graduation and employment isn’t always easy to overcome. NHSC internships seek to bridge that gap from student to workforce. Employers prefer to hire candidates who have had experience in a role similar to the one they are hiring for.

If you would like more information about internships, please contact the Internship Coordinator Iman Moore E-mail imoore@nhsc.edu or 701-421-7472.


Intern Requirements


In order to participate in an internship students must meet the following requirements.

Students must have:

GPA of 2.5

Completed 24 credit hours

Be declared in a major at NHSC – see all of NHSC’s Academic Programs here

Internship Application


Career Services


Plan to create a resume and have it on hand for potential internship sites and potential employers. Interns keep in mind that you may get hired on at your intended location so make sure you are always conducting yourself in a professional manner.

Feel free to watch these helpful YouTube videos to get you started on the right track.


Writing a Resume

Writing a Cover Letter

Prepare for an Interview

Filling out a Job Application


If you would like to make an appointment to get a resume or get help filling out an application contact Amber Ruiz the Assistant Internship Coordinator. amber.ruiz@nhsc.edu.


On Campus Internship Opportunities


Below are the on campus internship opportunities.

NHSC Marketing Department Intern

Business Office Intern

Bookstore Intern


NHSC Payroll Documents

All internships follow the NHSC payroll calendar for timesheet submissions and paydates for paid internships.

2018 Payroll Calendar

The W-4, and I-9 must be submitted prior to starting your paid internship hours.



2 Forms of identification are required for paid internships.

Acceptable Documents


NHSC Internship Host Handbook 2018


Off Campus Internship Opportunities


Transportation marketing

video documenting trans


Local Job Opportunities


Mandan Hidatsa & Arikara Tribal Job Opportunities 

Elbowoods Memorial Health Clinic