img6AThe Registrar will assign faculty advisors to all students. The advisor will assist students with their course selection, degree plan and other academic matters. Students must contact their advisor during the registration process. The advisor must sign registration forms, degree plans, and add/drop cards. The advisor will help select, design and monitor graduation projects. Many students ask, ―What does an advisor do   An advisor is an important person to any student and has several responsibilities and roles. It is an advisor‘s responsibility to work out a degree plan with a student. Therefore, an advisor must be informed of any changes in class schedule or choice of major. An advisor‘s job is to assist students who may have questions about which classes to take or which degree option is best suited for a particular career choice. It is essential that students understand that they have the ultimate responsibility to meet the College‘s graduation requirements; therefore students should maintain a personal copy of their degree plans. A new advisor may be assigned if a student changes academic programs.