Using technology that belongs to the college is a privilege for students, not a right.  As such, students who use or check out PC’s, laptops and other devices are expected to use the technology with utmost care and responsibility.   The downloading and installation of  software programs without the direct consent and supervision of the Technology Department is unacceptable and by violating this policy you may forfeit further opportunities to use any of NHSC’s technology resources, and additionally face prosecution in the event of using the technology for  illegal purposes.   Programs that are prohibited for anything but business use include (complete list is in progress) are: Windows Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Hotbar, MahJong, Napster (and other peer-to-peer file sharing programs), Bargain Buddy, Bonzai Buddy, and other shopping adware, spyware and malwares.   Using the network or technology devices for personal gain, for the viewing of pornographic materials, as well as port scanning to discover network security vulnerabilities are all violations of the technology policies of NHSC.   Network monitoring tools are prohibited from installation and use.  Severe disciplinary action will result if caught using these types of software and / or hardware on the NHSC network.   Introducing viruses, using software/hardware that results in excess network traffic, or actions that decrease network and PC performance standards are prohibited.   Devices not owned by NHSC are prohibited from installation and use on the NHSC network including wireless access points, PDA’s, printers, and other devices that may compromise network security or be a cause for safety and health concerns.   The NHSC Technology Department reserves the right to, and continually does monitor user activity of the network and its technology resources and violators of the above policies will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.