IVN Help Desk Number: 701-777-6486. The automated IVN phone attendant will answer your call.

  • Press 1 for Help Desk Services if you are having videoconferencing connection or equipment problems.  If you are asked to leave a message, leave your name, site name/room, and phone number to call you back.
  • Press 2 for Video Conference Scheduling -scheduling event information or questions.
  • Press 3 for Audio Conferencing Scheduling -scheduling event information or questions.
  • Press 4 for Office Staff -general questions or redirect calls.

Classroom Technician Duties are outlined as follows:

Operate IVN room equipment during all classes/events as assigned by the Distance Education Coordinator:

  • Flip the power switches up that are located on the wall behind the Technicians desk.
  • Have the equipment up and running at least 10-15 minutes before the class.
  • If NHSC is the host of the course change the main camera to Instructor view.
  • Monitor the operation of the equipment throughout the event.
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras to participants speaking.
  • Adjust microphone and speaker volumes as necessary.
  • Operate computer applications as needed.

Assist IVN presenters/participants:

  • Pay attention to the event/class and respond to needs as they arise—Stay Alert!
  • Provide assistance and reassurance to any presenters at the site.
  • Provide assistance to anyone with special needs.

Report technical difficulties immediately:

  • Follow proper procedures to identify and respond to technical difficulties.
  • Make the necessary calls (IVN Trouble Line, Technical Coordinator, etc.) to make sure the problem is resolved as quickly and with as little disruption to the event as possible.
  • Document all  problems (i.e. Event Report, e-mail, etc.) and report the problem to your Distance Education Coordinator.

Help maintain classroom appearance and security:

  • Check room appearance after each event (push in chairs, clear off tables, etc.).
  • Shut down all TV Monitors and the flip down the 4 power switches behind the Technician’s desk.
  • Turn of the lights.
  • Make sure windows and doors are locked before leaving the room unattended.