Distance EdCLAN

The Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College (NHSC) utilizes videoconferencing technology to distribute courses to it’s remote campuses in White Shield and Mandaree.   The name CLAN stands for Closed Local Area Network and is an acronym to recognize the importance of the matrilineal clan system of relationship that the Mandan and Hidatsa tribes utilized to guide traditional social and educational systems. system derives it’s name the from Company that  builds the equipment.   The system has also been referred to as the “CLAN” or “PolyCom” system.  These videoconferencing units allow each classroom to share an instructor at the same time.

ND Interactive Video Network (IVN)

The North Dakota Interactive Video Network, locally known by the acronym IVN, is responsible for managing North Dakota’s education and government videoconferencing network. They state they’re goals as to “to improve learning and information access for all people of North Dakota and stretch videoconference capabilities well beyond the states border”. IVN is a member of the North Dakota University System. Our partners include the North Dakota Information Technology Department(ITD), SENDIT Technology Services(STS), and the Center for Innovation in Instruction (CII). IVN uses the H.323/IP videoconferencing standard.  IVN can also connect with H.320, ISDN, and other videoconferencing technologies, but testing prior to the event is required and there is a charge for this service. When connecting to sites off STAGEnet or outside the state, please contact IVN for more information.