Tech OfficeThe campus Technology Help Desk is your initial contact for your technology support from the desktop to network accounts.

Technology Work Order Requests

  • If you have a computer problem that requires hands-on service by an NHSC technician, you can submit a work order through the Help Desk.  Requests may be by phone, e-mail, or by Stopping by the office.
  • Response Times: We handle work orders on a first come, first served basis. As such, it can be difficult to predict exactly when any particular work order will be completed. Please bare with us, especially during busy times like the beginning and ending of each academic quarter.
  • The NHSC Technology Dept. does repair personal PC computers for NHSC staff and students as time permits.  The computer owner in responsible for the of parts or software. For more information contact Joni Foote (701) 627-4738 x8024