FAFSA FormFederal Grants

Grants are considered gift aid. Gift aid is the most valued source of financial aid because grant money does not have to be repaid. Grants are awarded based on need. There are several types of grants available for students.

Federal Pell Grant (FPELL)

A federal program for undergraduate students obtaining their first bachelor’s degree. The Pell Grant amount depends on family contribution, the cost of attendance at ACC, and the number of hours for which you are enrolled (full-time, three-quarter time, half-time, less than half-time). For More Information Click Here.

Federal guidelines stipulate that Pell Grant recipients adding classes after the financial aid census date  cannot receive an increase in their Pell Grant award. Example: Joe Student registered for 6 hours for the 16wk session, and 3 hours for the 12 week session (prior to the financial aid census date). Pell Grant will pay for these classes. Later, Joe decides to add another 3 hour class after census date has passed. Pell Grant cannot be adjusted once census date has passed. Yolanda Student did not register for any classes prior to census date, but is now registering for the 12 week session, the Pell Grant will pay for her classes. 

Award Range:  $243-$2,675 per semester

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

A federal grant program. Awards are made based on the greatest need, expected family contribution, and enrollment status of at least half time (6 hours). Summer recipients must be enrolled for entire summer session.

Award Range:  $500-$1,000 per semester

Federal Work Study Program

The Federal College Work-Study Program provides jobs for students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses. Federal College Work-Study is a need based program and is based on your unmet need.  The program encourages community service work and work related to your course of study whenever possible.

Check List

  • Student’s ISIR
  • Request for Staff Form
  • Student’s time card from Payroll
  • Student’s completed application (Applications in Financial Aid Office)
  • Student’s Selection Letter
  • Position Description (Filled out by yourself for their job duties)
  • W-4
  • 1-9 (Requires two forms of identification)
  • Confidentiality Statement
  • Alcohol and Drug Use/Abuse Workplace (Acknowledgement of policy by student signature)
  • Campus Crime Security Report (Acknowledgement of policy by student signature)
  • Payroll Period Schedule
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Federal Work Study Earning Sheet
  • Student Class Schedule
  • Student Transcript

Mandan BarScholarships and Grants

Scholarships are a great source of aid because they, like grants, are gift aid and do not have to be repaid.

477 Demonstration Project

P.L. 102-477, the ―Indian Employment, Training and Related Services Demonstration Act of 1992‖ enabled the Tribe to consolidate certain formula funded employment, training and related services programs into a single program. The 477 Program monies are based on satisfactory progress and attendance. You may be eligible for these services provided you are in a two year vocational program, a full-time student, meet income guidelines and maintain a 2.0 grade point average. Disbursements will be for educational and transportation allowance per semester, based on your attendance certification. Your attendance certification must be signed by the Instructor of the class and will determine if you are maintaining satisfactory progress and attendance.

American Indian College Fund

Scholarships are awarded to Native American students who are enrolled at Tribal Colleges and Universities, which are accredited or candidates for accreditation by the appropriate accreditation agency. Scholarships funds will be allocated based on the Indian student count from the previous year. Students must meet general eligibility requirements for the grant. This may be according to the donor‘s restrictions on scholarships and the discretion of the AIHEC member institution. For More Information Click Here.

Indian Health Services (IHS) Scholarship

For students in health related fields. Deadline is usually the end of February. For More Information Click Here.

North Dakota Student Financial Assistance Grant (SSIG)

This grant is awarded to North Dakota residents who demonstrate financial need. To apply complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and give permission for the results to be sent to the State Agency. The priority deadline date is March 15th.

One-Time Assistance

Tribal Social Services students can receive assistance on a one time basis under special circumstances as determined Student Success Committee.

Three Affiliated Tribes Higher Education Grant Program

The Three Affiliated Tribes Higher Education Grant Program is administered by the tribes and is a separate entity from NHSC. This grant is available to enrolled members of the Three Affiliated Tribes. Students must be a high school graduate or a GED recipient and be enrolled as an undergraduate student in an academic program of study. Application deadline is March 15th for the Fall Semester and October 15th for Spring Semester. Students can obtain an application by contacting: To apply contact: The Three Affiliated Tribes Higher Education Grant Program, Bureau of Indian Affairs Building, New Town, ND. Phone 627-4112

Higher Education Grant Program
Three Affiliated Tribes HC3 Box 2
New Town, ND 58763 Or call: (701)627-4112

Tuition Assistance

There are seven types of NHSC Tuition Assistance.  Please read the Tuition Assistance Policies to see if any apply to you!

NHSC Tuition Assistance Request Form

NHSC Employee Tuition Assistance Request Form

Veteran‘s Benefits

Veterans who meet eligibility criteria may be entitled to certain educational benefits. To apply contact the Registrar‘s Office at (701) 627-4738. For More Information Click Here.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Students with health problems or physical disabilities may be entitled to assistance for tuition and other related college costs. To apply to the Vocational Rehabilitation Program contact the local Vocational Rehabilitation Office.

Mandan Bar BottomLoans

The Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College dose not participate in the Federal Student Loan Program at this time.