Certificate of Completion: Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant Program is nine (9) months covering two semesters. The purpose of the program is to train students to meet the secretarial/clerical needs of the local communities. The student will be awarded a Certification upon completion of the program. The Accounting/Business Administration program prepares students for positions in the accounting and business word, or, for transfer to a four-year college or university. The curriculum is designed to introduce students to the fundamental of accounting, as need in the advanced, technological business world of today. This includes an understanding of basic concepts, and definitions, as well as learning the characteristics and methods used in modern businesses. The Business Administration curriculum is designed to offer students an introduction to business, economics and business law. The Nueta, Hidatsa and Sahnish Nations’ history, language, social, and spiritual culture is incorporated over entirety of course or as specific course subject requires. The individual instructor will actively seek culturally relevant materials to incorporate into the classroom setting.

Program Outcomes:

  • The student will be able to describe and illustrate the basic accounting systems for service and merchandising business, and financial statements.
  • The student will develop correct stroking techniques using the typewriter and/or microcomputer keyboard. Proficiency in the application of skills used to complete simple letters manuscripts, and tables.
  • The student will learn to create, edit, save and print documents along with advanced word processing features.
  • The student will develop basic principle and practices of record management and able to apply the four basic filing systems: Alphabetic, subject, numeric and geographic.
  • The student will be able to demonstrate an understanding of activities and duties required, including good office communications, using reference materials, proofreading techniques, and work procedures.
  • The student will be able to demonstrate how to work and communicate professionally with employees and the general public.

Program Degree Plan (pdf)
Gainful Employment